Dog Friendly Restaurants Mainline and Suburb PA

I love dogs. Like, a lot.

While, I am waiting to get my own I like to frequent places to scope out to bring my future dog. There are lots of great places out there, but they have differing qualifications. Some will let you have your dog on the porch and will bring him some water. Others have little areas where he can go take a pee.

These are our favorite dog friendly places in the area:

Most breweries are chill mostly because they don’t have a food license which is where people get into trouble. Our favorite brewery – Bald Birds even has dog fashion shows sometimes. So they get #1 spot. They also have this great outdoor patio they just did up.

Fitzwater Station is another favorite of ours. Its right near Valley Forge park and you can walk on a half-mile trail to a dog park. The outdoor seating is on a deck looking out onto the canal. They bring water and there is plenty of grass for your pup to snuff up.

Four Dogs Tavern – Duh. They have outdoor seating as well as a doggie MENU!!! I wonder what happens if you come there with five dogs.

Lucky Dog Saloon – Lots of outdoor seating and friendly dog people. See if you can spot the big guy in the pic!

Do you have a favorite dog location? Let me know!