Have a Relaxing Weekend

What are you guys up to this weekend? I hope we get in time to just relax a little and have brunch somewhere as a reward. Because BD and I are moving! We bought a house. (More on this later.) It’s so exciting to start fresh in a new place and then fill it with all your junk.

Great events this weekend:

Alpaca my mat – Yoga with Alpacas – I love Alpacas! They’re like the giraffe of sheep. I can’t imagine doing yoga with them, they don’t exactly seem strong enough to support our weight while we do yoga on their backs. Maybe the teacher is the Alpaca! You go and find out and let me know. I wanna go to the next one.

Biergatens are opening upppppp! – Root Down is opening up their beer garden. Wear sunscreen if you can’t snag one of those great umbrella benches.

Rodin Museum Bar – Open again this weekend. Lets go live like we are in Europe.

Devon Horse Show – The horse show is STILL GOING ON! How can there be any horses left! I follow several of the people who are running little shoppes in the arena and they look like they are having a blast in fancy hats and bougie horse outfits. (They are not dressed as horses.)

Parks on Tap is at Fisher Park this weekend. Go online and look up Fisher Park. How many pictures can you find of one white fluffy dog? I counted 2.

Pay what you wish at the Art Museum. Forget your sunscreen? Go look at the Philadelphia Art Museum this weekend. YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT THE WALT WHITMAN SHOWCASE. I listened to a really interesting npr podcast about him earlier this week. He was a cool/weird guy.

Freakonomics Live Taping – June 6. Ok, I know this isn’t happening technically this weekend, but I thought I would bring it up! I love Freakonomics! So many interesting insights about the behind scenes of things that are really happening. Also, maybe you can use the weekend to catch up on some cool episodes!

Gosh there is so much cool stuff going on this weekend! What are you guys gonna get into?