Its the freakin’ weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! BD and I are heading down to Virginia to the beach to catch some rays. “The hot/muggy/butt sweat weather down here is perfect for a beach weekend.” Nothing like butt sweat at the beach! What are you guys doing for your glorious three day weekend? Hanging around town? Boy, do people have some fun stuff lined up around here.

Parks on Tap – I know I say it every weekend. But I LOVE PARKS ON TAP. Its at FDR Park this weekend, which is just a beautiful park in its own right. Sitting under the thing… you know the big greek colonial columns thing. With the roof. Ah – I looked it up. Its actually a gazebo. Just like the fanciest gazebo you ever saw. Drinking a drink enjoying the nice weather. Just the best.

Billy Joel – Um, Billy Joel is in town. So please tell him I said hi and that I just adore everything he does musically.

Devon Horse Show – I went last night! So many fancy, rich people! I listened to a couple get in a big drunken argument until she stormed off. There were beautiful expensive clothes for sale. Lots of fun activity for the kids! So fun to watch. I super enjoyed it.

Rodin Museum Garden Bar – BYO picnic and grab some drinks and lounge among the works of famous artists. WHERE ARE WE PARIS? I know it feels that way, but calm down we’re still in Philadelphia.

Unifest – Looks super fun to check out. Get some food from a truck and a coffee and check out all the stuff!

Fireworks fireworks fireworks –

Longwood Gardens – Always does it up right. Kinda pricey, but totally worth it. We’re gonna go later in the summer, I feel like the first weekend will be PACKEDDDD.

Waterfront – Get there early, but you also can see it from anywhere. Spruce street, Cherry Street etc.

If I know you like I think I do, I hope you all have a great weekend bbqing and enjoying the sunshine. Everyone be sure to remember SPF 50. Lather up.