Local Newspapers

Guys, guys. I caved today. I got a subscription to the Inquirer.


You know what the article was that pushed me over? Local beer gardens to check out this summer. (I love a beer garden <3) Eventhough Eater has much better graphics! You know how much I love a good website design.

I just really love a local newspaper. I like supporting them. I love finding out all the fun things going on around the city. I love seeing what the local government does. The who’s who of local instagram celebs. Finding out what the city is up to. They’re my eyes and ears on the ground.

Hey girl.

I held off for so long because for some reason it is twice as expensive as the Washington Post. (My first newspaper love.)

How do you guys get your news? Do you have the Inquirer? Should we all just cancel after this subscription offer?