My house!

HI Y’ALL. I know I keep saying I’ve recently moved to the Phoenixville area. And I have! I haven’t been lying! But buying a house for the first time is like… a real scary thing.

But I wanted to take you all through the process I’m doing to make this home my own. Getting things painted. Getting furniture. You know… nesting. CAW CAW CAW.

So we’ve made our first big step and got the big painting projects done. Shout out to Dimenna Brother’s painting. (They’re not paying me for this.) First of all they are actually real brothers. Which is just great to me.

Also, their website is SO NICE. I love a nice website.

Before: (Not our stuff, the previous owner’s pic.)

Anyways, the big reveal! We had this big purpley-gray shadown box behind our fireplace. To me it says, “HEY LOOK AT ME THE SCARY DARK DRAMATIC FIREPLACE.” I really wanted a more, “Hey come relax by my calming warm fire.” Bob did a fantastic job fixing the ceiling (it had cracks from settling) and a few spots.


Just so much better! Calming and cool and inviting. I love it.