Local Newspapers

Guys, guys. I caved today. I got a subscription to the Inquirer.


You know what the article was that pushed me over? Local beer gardens to check out this summer. (I love a beer garden <3) Eventhough Eater has much better graphics! You know how much I love a good website design.

I just really love a local newspaper. I like supporting them. I love finding out all the fun things going on around the city. I love seeing what the local government does. The who’s who of local instagram celebs. Finding out what the city is up to. They’re my eyes and ears on the ground.

Hey girl.

I held off for so long because for some reason it is twice as expensive as the Washington Post. (My first newspaper love.)

How do you guys get your news? Do you have the Inquirer? Should we all just cancel after this subscription offer?

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Weekly Cookie

Good morning friends!

Lets all pretend its morning! Gosh, we got up so early, already dressed, really killing it today.

I so so loved the basic cookie recipe of last week’s cookie (1 stick of butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 brown sugar, vanilla, egg, 1 1/2 all purpose flour, baking soda, salt) and making a different cookie! It had good cookies bones.

Ugh! Imagine if your bones were made out of cookie!

Also, I’m doing it again with whole wheat flour. I’m trying to make it a thing.

Secret is out. I’m making a sugar cookie and putting rosemary all up in the biz.

Its sweet! But savory! But amazing. Summer time is here and we’re mixing it up. A refreshing rosemary cookie. I mean, its mostly butter and sugar, which are my two favorite things. You too can test the limits of cookie dom.

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This weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Its supposed to be beautiful! Be sure to wear that sunscreen. (I’ve achieved Mom level 100.) BD and I are heading to a paint class at Lowe’s! I hope we don’t have to sign up for it. Otherwise, we will just pretend to want to buy mowers for an hour while we try to pick up tips. I have an old friend coming into town and I just can’t wait to see her! <3

Here are some fun events that could also be fun to get into!

Parks on TAP – Gosh, I love parks and I love tap. Parks on Tap is such a great event. I get so excited when I see which parks it is getting hosted in each week and I haven’t even made it out to one this summer!

Phoenixville Dogwood Festival – I know what you’re thinking but I hate to disappoint you. This is not a festival of dogs fetching wood for different events. But it still looks super fun! Who doesn’t love a throwback carnival date? Its so cute and romantic. <3

Spring Wine Fest in Skippack Village! – No blurb needed

The Craftery is having a Market in Doylestown! Go check out some cool stuff and let me know what you got. Its at the
The Market at DelVal which looks like a cool place by itself.

I hope you have a blast this weekend whatever you get up to! Best.

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The Weekly Cookie

OK – So I love cookies. They’re like tiny circular cakes and you eat lots of them.

This week’s cookie is from PinchOfYum.com. She is great and I aspire to one day be her. By that I don’t mean I will assume her form like some kind of alien being and become some kind of creepy half human master baker.

Definitely not.

Also – setting the record straight – CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ARE NOT MY FAVORITE COOKIE. Many people, I feel, don’t appreciate the fine nuances of ALL THE OTHER COOKIES IN THE WORLD. They just go straight for chocolate chip. That cookie is played out son. It has to be a crazy good chocolate chip cookie for me to get on board. The cookie part should stand alone from the chips as a good cookie for me to like it!

I made the same cookie with a few different ingredients. I took my baking soda to my new house so I had no baking soda. I added cinnamon, which- duh. I used whole wheat flour (3/4 cup to 1 cup of flour) because that is the only kind of flour I had! But her blog is spot on. Don’t cookie them all the way. Leave ’em gooey. Not like gooey gooey. But regular gooey.

So anyways, Lindsey has crushed it again. Cookie part checks out. Chocolate part checks out. Cookie 100%. Go check out her blog for her version of this amazing, really soft perfect recipe, that even I couldn’t screw up, cookie.

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Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day everyone!!!

You might think this is a post about Mother’s Day, but is actually about BRUNCH.

Mom’s have really cornered the market on brunch. Mother’s Day Brunch this! Mother’s Day Brunch that!

Somehow I feel like they also own breakfast in bed and coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

NPR had this whole story about how Mother’s Day brunch came about because of feminist tradition. Viva la revolucion! Feminism and food. Love ittttttt.

Anyways, if you missed Mother’s Day like me or just completely forgot (I DID call her. I’m not a cretin) lets talk about brunch. Where did you take your mom to brunch?!

I don’t live in Philadelphia proper and I just know there are tons of awesome cute brunch spots there! But its too far sometimes and the burbs need love too. Here is my short list of the best brunches in the Western Philadelphia burbs. (Very specific. I know.)

Nudy’s – For foodies. Haha. – I took this from their website.

Nudy’s – Nudy’s is this adorable chain run by this really nice man. He has a little blurb in the front of his menus about how important it is that you have a nice time at his restaurant.

Their website is also amazing. I like a good website. I’m sorry!

The one in Devon is – ADORABLE. They are building an old folks home across the street, so I assume once that is done the place will be bumpin’. Sometimes I wish I could be like one of those old men that sit at a coffee shop and just drink coffee and read the newspaper. They seem so relaxed!

But I digress, they have some really nice eggs benedict and ginormous breakfast burritos. I ate there the day BD proposed to me! Extra special sauce.

Your Mom likes breakfast burritos! Or maybe she doesn’t, but she should. – Stolen from their instagram.

Your Mom’s Place – Ok, you definitely should have taken your mom here. Its got your mom’s name in the restaurant! Also, its a cute as can be, just like your mom.

The food here is DELISH. Capital D, Capital E, Capital LISH.

Tight spaces though, so don’t let your mom bring her big pocketbook, because there is literally no where to put it. Like not under the table, not behind her chair. Just tell her to leave it in the car. You’re paying like a promised child.

I also like their website. Haha why do I keep mentioning that? I just do.

Your Mom’s is cash only, so go hit up a Wawa atm to keep that coffee coming. Get the eggs benedict. Sorry, not sorry its my favorite breakfast.

Whats your favorite West Philadelphia Suburban brunch spot? It could also be some other location, like North Eastern Fishtown Philadelphia brunch spot, or South Western Philadelphia North of Delware East New Jersey brunch spot. Lets just keep it East of the Mississippi.

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