Phoenixville vs. Spotted Laternfly

Hey peeps,

You live in Phoenixville? You got laternflies? What do you think about the laternfly histeria going on around here? It feels ALL CONSUMING.

If you don’t live in a Phoenixville, or the surrounding area, we have an invasive species of THE FLY here that kills our trees.

I go back and forth about using pesticide on the trees. Pesticides are bad for the environment and dogs and kids and deer. THE FLY are bad for trees.

AND I LOVE TREES. We actually have a ton of beautiful trees in our neighborhood. Just some beautiful birches and maples with the prettiest leaves.

I just read an article about how there are types of fungi that will kill it naturally. GO nature.

The other bad thing in the case of using the pesticides is that if you got a GUY. A pesticide GUY. It gets kinda expensive pretty fast. Around $100 a tree.

What are you folks doing to prevent THE FLY?