The Weekly Cookie

OK – So I love cookies. They’re like tiny circular cakes and you eat lots of them.

This week’s cookie is from She is great and I aspire to one day be her. By that I don’t mean I will assume her form like some kind of alien being and become some kind of creepy half human master baker.

Definitely not.

Also – setting the record straight – CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ARE NOT MY FAVORITE COOKIE. Many people, I feel, don’t appreciate the fine nuances of ALL THE OTHER COOKIES IN THE WORLD. They just go straight for chocolate chip. That cookie is played out son. It has to be a crazy good chocolate chip cookie for me to get on board. The cookie part should stand alone from the chips as a good cookie for me to like it!

I made the same cookie with a few different ingredients. I took my baking soda to my new house so I had no baking soda. I added cinnamon, which- duh. I used whole wheat flour (3/4 cup to 1 cup of flour) because that is the only kind of flour I had! But her blog is spot on. Don’t cookie them all the way. Leave ’em gooey. Not like gooey gooey. But regular gooey.

So anyways, Lindsey has crushed it again. Cookie part checks out. Chocolate part checks out. Cookie 100%. Go check out her blog for her version of this amazing, really soft perfect recipe, that even I couldn’t screw up, cookie.

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