Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day

Happy Belated Mother’s Day everyone!!!

You might think this is a post about Mother’s Day, but is actually about BRUNCH.

Mom’s have really cornered the market on brunch. Mother’s Day Brunch this! Mother’s Day Brunch that!

Somehow I feel like they also own breakfast in bed and coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

NPR had this whole story about how Mother’s Day brunch came about because of feminist tradition. Viva la revolucion! Feminism and food. Love ittttttt.

Anyways, if you missed Mother’s Day like me or just completely forgot (I DID call her. I’m not a cretin) lets talk about brunch. Where did you take your mom to brunch?!

I don’t live in Philadelphia proper and I just know there are tons of awesome cute brunch spots there! But its too far sometimes and the burbs need love too. Here is my short list of the best brunches in the Western Philadelphia burbs. (Very specific. I know.)

Nudy’s – For foodies. Haha. – I took this from their website.

Nudy’s – Nudy’s is this adorable chain run by this really nice man. He has a little blurb in the front of his menus about how important it is that you have a nice time at his restaurant.

Their website is also amazing. I like a good website. I’m sorry!

The one in Devon is – ADORABLE. They are building an old folks home across the street, so I assume once that is done the place will be bumpin’. Sometimes I wish I could be like one of those old men that sit at a coffee shop and just drink coffee and read the newspaper. They seem so relaxed!

But I digress, they have some really nice eggs benedict and ginormous breakfast burritos. I ate there the day BD proposed to me! Extra special sauce.

Your Mom likes breakfast burritos! Or maybe she doesn’t, but she should. – Stolen from their instagram.

Your Mom’s Place – Ok, you definitely should have taken your mom here. Its got your mom’s name in the restaurant! Also, its a cute as can be, just like your mom.

The food here is DELISH. Capital D, Capital E, Capital LISH.

Tight spaces though, so don’t let your mom bring her big pocketbook, because there is literally no where to put it. Like not under the table, not behind her chair. Just tell her to leave it in the car. You’re paying like a promised child.

I also like their website. Haha why do I keep mentioning that? I just do.

Your Mom’s is cash only, so go hit up a Wawa atm to keep that coffee coming. Get the eggs benedict. Sorry, not sorry its my favorite breakfast.

Whats your favorite West Philadelphia Suburban brunch spot? It could also be some other location, like North Eastern Fishtown Philadelphia brunch spot, or South Western Philadelphia North of Delware East New Jersey brunch spot. Lets just keep it East of the Mississippi.

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